I Dare to Care Association (ID2C) is to equip and empower women and girls to establish strong beginnings, develop healthy and solid relationships with their peers and others, and give them the opportunity to become vital, vibrant and valuable members of their community and society at large. Our ultimate goal is to develop and cultivate strong, loving and nurturing individuals that will apply the skills they have learned and build their families, communities and their nation.


ID2C Association is committed to providing educational, vocational and therapeutic resources to their participants, which will assist them in overcoming obstacles that impede upon their success; teaching them to recognize the power of their voices and the value of their lives. ID2C Association is also committed to assisting participants in exploring possible career opportunities, acquiring the skills necessary to resolve conflicts, and more importantly, learning how to accept responsibility for their personal life choices as they learn to identify, set, and achieve goals.

Board Of Directors

Byron Belcher

Susan Leggoe

Carmen Day

Andrea LaBoo, MPA

Tracey Newman, LCSW

​Jocelyn Muse

Naeemah Hickson, MSW, LSW

​Betty Matlock

Ebony Carter-Hatter

Dolly Guzman