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Pamela Grayson-Baltimore


Founder and CEO

 Dare to Care Association (ID2C) was created by Pamela Grayson-Baltimore, born and raised in Camden, New Jersey.  With over 20 years of experience as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker working with children and their families, she began to focus on youth and teenage girls. This experience allowed her to clearly identify, firsthand, the overwhelming needs among young women. As a result of her observations, she began to reflect on the positive female role models in her life and their impact on her, and ID2C Association was launched on April 3, 2008 in Camden, New Jersey. A Women of Influence Gala introduced ID2C Association to the community. This event also celebrated the women in the founder’s life who mentored her throughout the years.

Understanding the importance of exposure to positive role models, ID2C Association introduces participants to thriving and accomplished individuals from a various professional and entrepreneurial backgrounds in an effort to create and sustain long-term, positive mentoring relationships.

Recent studies have shown that mentoring programs have significant positive effects on children. Young people with mentors learn how to lead successful, responsible lives. With a mentor’s guidance, they get a chance to explore possible career opportunities, acquire the skills necessary to resolve conflicts, and more importantly, learn how to accept responsibility for their personal life choices. They also learn to identify, set and achieve goals.

Communities with a mentoring presence can benefit in ways that might not be immediately noticeable. A decrease in teen substance abuse, fewer teen pregnancies, lower school dropout rates, and less juvenile crime have implications for all citizens. Employers gain a more motivated workforce. Participation in mentoring programs has shown a direct correlation to employee job satisfaction. Employers also benefit from a potentially larger pool of future employees and customers.

ID2C Association meets the needs of the community by providing educational, financial, social and other resources to participants that may not have access to otherwise. ID2C Association also provides a safe environment for individuals to be able to develop healthy and strong relationships with their peers and others, therefore, affording program participants the opportunity to become vital, vibrant and valuable members of their community and society. 

In 2011, ID2C Association established 2 other groups, ID2C Minis (girls ages 7-12 years old) and She Cares
Women’s Empowerment Network (adult women). ID2C Association established a Philadelphia, Pennsylvania chapter in April 2013. The Philadelphia chapter then began a group for young men in June of 2013.  As a result of their growth the New Jersey program also provides mentoring for young men. ID2C Association's long-term goal is to establish a "LIFE Center" and a Girl’s Academy servicing Kindergarten thru 12th grade with an adult educational and vocational component; in Camden, New Jersey.

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